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Contact Rev. Alexandriah Stahr at the Star-Essence Temple of Living Light - Ashtar Command - Solar Star Command Ascension Center. To call for more information or to make a phone appointment, call her directly between 1 P.M and 10 P.M. MST (Arizona Time)  She regularly answers phone inquiries in person during the day. Call and request the $75.00 First Time Caller Consultation which can then be applied toward your first healing session. Go to First Steps to get an overview of services available. Payment options are: MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express by phone and/or Pay Pal Buttons. Money Orders and Checks are welcome in advance of scheduled appointment time.

For international callers, call for free with SKYPE. Either go to www.skype.com or Skype Video to learn more. Once set up with Skype, send me a contact request through SKYPE to arrange appointment time. My SKYPE I.D. is "alexandriahstahr"



 Rev. Alexandriah Stahr 


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