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Monthly Program: Solar Star Team

Freedom from the MATRIX - Solar Star Team - All New for 2015 - Multiple Star Teams Included - Call for more information

Upon Completion of the 2 Week Fast Track - Level 1: Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing: Implant Removal Series listed above, you will be eligible to join Star-Esseenia Temple’s Monthly Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing, Activation and Empowerment Program, an innovative Spiritual Healing and Development Program that clears away Karmic Issues and Matix Programs of all kinds and is the most complete program of its kind to Free you from the MATRIX.

What is the Monthly Program: Solar Star Team

After many years of doing one on one private healing and training sessions by phone appointment only, an all new, all inclusive Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing and Activation Program was given by the Planetary Ascension Council to assist Alexandriah in her work with her clients. The program is designed to give ongoing Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing and energetic healing support 24/7 for healing on all levels of Body, Mind and Spirit. Easy and affordable, The Solar Star Team clears the Karmic Cause and removes the Matrix Programming behind all life issues. Release past hurt, trauma and abuse. Transform limited thinking patterns. Improve personality and functioning. Free yourself from dysfunctional relationships. Gain inner awareness and understanding of who you are and your life purpose. Inner guidance is more readily available and you can feel the presence and guidance as if a gentle hand is guiding you through the life experiences necessary to bring up and move you through your issues. It will enable you to move through those issues with more ease, grace and understanding. As your issues are cleared, your natural spiritual gifts will reveal themselves so you may develop and express them more readily. The Solar Star Team has within it all the Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing Sessions that Alexandriah has done over the last 20 years both private and planetary. Like a spiritual data base, these sessions are now available to you through the Solar Star Team Program. It will cut through years of doing work on your own or in a hit and miss fashion with other healing techniques. The Solar Star Team Program can benefit either beginning or advanced Lightworkers on the Ascension Path. All you need do is be open to receiving the energies and be conscious of the process. It is a consistent, gentle yet powerful way for you to receive the energies necessary for both Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing and Christed DNA Activations for complete freedom from the dark force controlled MATRIX System and entry into the Christed Reality beyond 2012, the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality Consiousness.

This is how it works.  Alexandriah continually receives new information regarding the advancement of the Planetary Ascension Process and what clearing and activations are needed to move us to the next level. Since 1999, this process went on to include the information to dysmantle the Planetary MATRIX System which has controlled and manipulated humanity for eons of time.  As this information comes through, it is added to the Solar Star Team Data Bases and those people who are linked up to it receive the updates automatically according to your need and according to where you are on your personal ascension path. Those who are part of the Solar Star Team Program are directly linked to the Divine Plan of the Planetary Ascension Council as higher and higher frequencies are released in a focused, consciousness-raising program. In addition to the healing energies, informational energies are also released about the unfolding of the Divine Plan and your part in it. Each night, you receive a healing session that addresses your particular needs and issues. During the day you apply the prayers and techniques that Alexandriah’s teaches you and you progress much faster along your path than anything that you can do on your own. In addition to the automatic Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing Sessions, you have private phone sessions with Alexandrah to address your personal issues.  The number of phone sessions range from once a month to once a week depending on your individual needs. These phone sessions tend to be more frequent in the first 6 months of the program as you and your consciousness adjust to the energy flows  These sessions include additional Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing, Activation or Empowerments and/or clarification of new information that is being revealed to you as a result of the process.

You are eligible to join the Solar Star Team Program after you have gone through the latest version of the Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing – Implant Removal Series/ 2 Week Fast Track Program. Call and ask how to become part of this amazing Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing Program. If you have the need…be sure to ask about special Solar Star Team Program for family members and pets.


“I have been in the Solar Star Team for over 6 months. I can’t begin to tell you of all the changes that I have experienced. What I can tell you is that it feels like the hand of God is gently supporting me and guiding me through each level of learning and growing. Each day I wake up with a renewed sense of well-being and wonder what new “aha” experience is ahead of me. With the techniques you have taught me I finally feel like I am making progress and that any obstacles that I experience seem to melt away much easier than without the help of the Solar Star Team.”

Jaime…Allston, Massachusetts

“I have worked with you off and on doing single sessions when I could afford them. Your newest program, the Solar Star Team is giving me what I have been looking for, an easy and affordable way to consistently clear out my karmic blockages.” Dana… Bend Oregon

“I have had my elderly mother in the Solar Star Team for over 1 year. The change in her has been quite dramatic. She used to be almost catatonic. Now she is much more animated and there seems to be clarity when I look in her eyes that was not there before. Our relationship has improved and we are able to spend quality time together. You have helped make our remaining time together so much more special. Thank You, Alexandriah for your work.”

Iris… Puerto Rico

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