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Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing:YOUR FIRST STEPS

Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing by Phone: Your First Steps

Rev. Alexandriah Stahr is a Master Level Healer, Channel and Teacher for Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command Healing Technologies. Over the last 30 years Rev. Alexandriah Stahr has channeled through various healing sessions and programs to clear the various levels of karmic programming layered within the consciousness of Lightworkers on the Ascension Path. She works on both a Planetary and All of Creation as well as your Personal level at the direction of Commander Ashtar and the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command as she has pioneered the pathway to Ascension. It is now time for these techniques and technologies to be made more widely available to those Lightworkers who need them.

Making the Star-Esseenia Division Healing Technology and Training Programs available and affordable to those who need them, while protecting the integrity of the technology has always been an issue. Rev. Alexandriah Stahr continues to offer these sessions by private phone appointment and in a limited form over the internet.

Where to Start 

New Books about the Ashtar Command - Solar Star Command by Alexandriah Stahr

Ashtar and Sananda: Updated Messages and Prayers for 2012... $40.00

Ashtar and Sananda Planetary Updates: Volume One...$25.00

Ashtar and Sananda Planetary Updates: Volume Two  $25.00

Ashtar and Sananda Planetary Updates: Volume Three  $25.00

Implants and Imprints: A Healers View of Ascension Clearing...$20.00 

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And/Or When Ready 

Call to schedule appointment and choose whether to do the 1st Time Caller Consult or to schedule the 2 Week Fast Track (includes Implant/Imprint Removal)

$75.00 - 1st Time Caller Special:  Get your questions answered.  1 Hour Q & A Phone consultation with Alexandriah Stahr
If after the initial consultation you choose to go forward with the 2 Week Fast Track then the $75.00 you paid for the consultation will be credited to the $399.00 of the 2 Week Fast Track                                                                                                                                                                                                         
$399.00 - 2 Week Fast Track - Level 1  Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing Series by Phone - 3 Phone Sessions (includes Ashtar Command Implant/Imprint Removal)


1st Time Caller Ashtar Spiritual Counseling Phone Session with Alexandriah Stahr - 1 hour - $75.00

Alexandriah Stahr is a versatile channel with over 25 years experience in channeling Spiritual Healing Technologies and Ascension Information from Commander Ashtar and the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command to assist in the spiritual freedom and development of Earth based Lightworkers on the Ascension Path.

Ashtar Spiritual Counseling Phone Sessions with Alexandriah Stahr will give you the opportunity to speak with her and get your questions answered from the Ashtar Command - Solar Star Command point of view. Learn about the MATRIX, what it is, how it started, who started it and what is being done to FREE you and the Earth from the MATRIX.

These Ashtar Spiritual Counseling Phone Sessions are designed to satisfy your intellectual understanding of the bigger picture and how the Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing will assist you on your path. To contact Alexandriah to schedule an appointment and/or to pay by credit card over the phone  Click Here

To Pre-Pay for your 1st Time Caller Special, click on Pay Pal Button Below.  You can then call Alexandriah immediately or contact Alexandriah to schedule your appointment time 


 The 2 Week Fast Track - Level 1: Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing Series by Phone $399.00 (US) 

This is Alexandriah's recommended program for those who want the best value for your money

The 2 Week Fast Track - Level 1: Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing Series by Phone is the most comprehensive healing series you can experience in such a short period of time. Alexandriah has always offered this series although the content within it has changed and grown over the years to reflect her increased awareness of what is needed to provide foundational work for the continuing process of her FREEDOM From the MATRIX Program. Always included in this series is the All Inclusive Ashtar Command Implant/Imprint Removal beginning with Grey Implants MATRIX and removal of Government Programmed Multiple MATRIX if it is needed. For those not affected by Grey Implants, the appropriate Implant/Imprint Removal will be done for you by removing the entire MATRIX which contains all Implants and Imprints as well as the Contracts and Agreements MATRIX which hold them in place. Although Alexandriah considers this to be the beginning of her work, it includes levels of clearing that other healers are unaware of and unable to touch as the MATRIX Programming is a separate level of clearing unto itself. Alexandriah no longer removes individual issues, she removes the MATRIX which contains the programming which causes you to experience whatever you are experiencing. Think of the MATRIX as a "movie" being projected onto you screen of life, continuing in its story line until it is completed or removed. It is a much more complete way of dealing with your issues. For those who have been doing clearing work for many years, you will be surprised as deeper levels of issues you thought were gone will emerge and be released once again and this time it will be complete. Think of the MATRIX as unending realities that release to show the next one behind it. Each reality is controlled by programming which is released along with the reality it creates as each MATRIX Level is removed.  All other healing work done by others is inside the various MATRIX programs and does not touch or change the programming itself which is what is needed to become FREE From the MATRIX.

If you are ready to jump right in, call to schedule your appointment for the 2 Week Fast Track: Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing Series by Phone. This is what’s included: 14 Days of Link Up to the "etheric surgeons" in the Star Team which do the work and send the energy transmissions, 3 telephone healing/training sessions, and the newest prayers and techniques she teaches all her clients to keep themselves clear after the 2 Week Fast Track and for those going into the Monthly Star Team Program. This package gives you both the background information your mind needs, the follow-up techniques and tools for you to receive maximum benefit from the clearings, plus Alexandriah being available to heal/train and answer your questions as you go through this process and explain what lies ahead. This is the most comprehensive clearing of its kind on the planet today and gives you the best value in time and money. Although this is an accelerated process, it will take up to 3 months to process the after effects of the 2 Week Fast Track: Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing Series by Phone. The energy exchange for this package is $399.00 (US). Additional shipping applies for shipping outside the US. Call Now


Implant/Imprint Removal Series by Phone included in the 2 Week Fast Track

Since the opening of the 11:11 doorway on January 11, 1992, Alexandriah has focused on the ongoing clearing process of the Ascension and identifying the Planetary Issues within us all that need clearing. She pioneered the work of Implant/Imprint Removal and developed the most comprehensive method for removing them called the Ashtar Command Implant/Imprint Removal Technique. Originally created in 1989, it has evolved over time to include the higherst levels of dark force aliens who control and manipulate humanity through the MATRIX. As each of these Implants and Imprints is released, your ability to discern these alien groups and their influence in your life increases over time. This will continue in the months following the 2 Week Fast Track.  What is different about the current Ashtar Command Implant/Imprint Removal Technique is that it removes the entire MATRIX and MATRIX System where all Implants and Imprints are stored along with the Contracts and Agreements MATRIX and it is easily removed for immediate relief. It is still the most comprehensive karma clearing work of its kind. It continues to be upgraded as Spirit reveals the need.

The Ashtar Command Implant/Imprint Removal Series by phone is done as part of the 2 Week Fast Track. The first session includes an Ashtar Counseling Session where we will discuss Implant and Imprint Issues and how they fit into the bigger picture of the MATRIX. Everyone has Implants and Imprints and the Implant/Imprint MATRIX which contain all Implants and Imprints will be removed.  For those who are also Grey Abductees, there is the additonal issue of being a Govenment Programmed Multiple which is a specific type of programming given to Grey Abductees. With Grey Abductees and Government Programmed Multiples, there is an additional MATRIX which needs to be removed and will be included.  Although this series is specific to these issues it is just the beginning as being a Grey Abductee and Government Programmed Multiple is an all encompassing issue that affects all areas of your life and all levels of your energy field. The Implant/Imprint Removal Series will make a major change in your life and prepare you for the further work needed. For those who are not Grey Abductees, the Implant/Imprint Removal Series although complete within itself, sets the foundation for ongoing karma clearing and MATRIX Clearing and development of your higher consciousness. For more up to date information go to www.alienimplantremoval.org  When you are ready return here to pre-pay and schedule your Alien Implant Removal 1st Time Caller Consultation.



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