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Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing: 2 Week Fast Track

Over the years Rev. Alexandriah Stahr has brought through various sessions to clear through the various levels of karma layered within the consciousness of Lightworkers as she has pioneered the pathway to Ascension both on a personal and planetary basis. It is now time for these techniques and technologies be made more widely available to those Lightworkers who need them.

Making the Star-Esseenia Temple healing technology and training programs available and affordable to those who need them, while protecting the integrity of the technology has always been an issue. Rev. Alexandriah Stahr continues to offer these sessions only by private phone appointment.

2 Week Fast Track Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing Series By Phone

Call to schedule your appointment with Alexandriah. She is available to answer questions about the process, so that you are comfortable with your decision to take this important step. Ask for 2 Week Fast Track Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing Series. This is what’s included: Three telephone healing/training sessions, prayers and techniques by e-mail and the latest Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing and Implant Removal Series transmitted over the two weeks following the first phone session. This package gives you both the background information your mind needs, the follow-up techniques and tools for you to receive maximum benefit from the clearings, plus Alexandriah being available to heal/train and answer your questions as you go through this process and explain what lies ahead. This is the most comprehensive clearing of its kind on the planet today and gives you the best value in time and money. The energy exchange for this package is $399.00 CallNow!

$399.00 - 2 Week Fast Track - Level 2  Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing Series by Phone - 2 Phone Sessions (includes Ashtar Command Clearing of unChristed Healing/Guru Abuse)

$399.00 - 2 Week Fast Track - Level 3  Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing Series by Phone - 2 Phone Sessions (includes Ashtar Command Chakra Correction/ Removal/Unification)


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