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Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing: Implant Removal

History of Implant Removal Sessions with Alexandriah Stahr

Since the opening of the 11:11 doorway on January 11, 1992, Alexandriah has focused on the ongoing clearing process of the Ascension and identifying the Planetary Issues within us all that need clearing. She pioneered the work of Implant Removal and developed the most comprehensive method for removing them called the Ashtar Command Implant Removal Technique. Originally created in 1989, it is still the most comprehensive karma clearing work of its kind. It continues to be upgraded as Spirit reveals the need. Currently, as we prepare for 2012 and entering into the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality Timeline, the work consists of removing the Matrix Program and System that contains the Implants and Imprints by various dark force groups. The most recent update is as of July 2009. 

In 1993 she published a small booklet that was included in two audiotapes that she produced in an attempt to make the 1st level of Implant Removal more accessible. These taped versions of her Implant Removal Method, Clear: Implants and Spiritual Limitation Devices and Remove: UFO Implants are now out of print, not only because the work has evolved to a higher level, but because of a dark force attempt to distort the work. In 1996 Alexandriah published the informational fruits of her healing research in her book, Implants: A Healer’s View of Ascension Clearing. Today this book is still available and is still the most extensive coverage of the subject. To order, call Alexandriah directly.

In June 1995, I did the first Planetary Implant Removal on Mother Earth herself. It was during this experience that I was told that I had agreed to perform this function before embodiment. The Ashtar Command Method of Implant Removal is one of the many gifts I brought with me into this incarnation, specifically for clearing this level of limitation within the earth and humanity.

Dark Force Attempt to Distort Implant Removal Technology

The tapes were my first attempt to make the Ashtar Command Implant Removal Technology available to as many people as possible and I was given a special formula to transmit the technology via an audiotape. Unfortunately, a misguided ex client and dark force agent by the name of Greg Mize, transcribed this tape against my direct and continued objections and the express disclaimer, in the booklet that accompanied the tape, that the technology would become null and void if copied or tampered with, and is passing off a plagiarized version of my material on the internet…and signing his name to it as if it is his! When I confronted him about his theft and plagiarism, he had the nerve to try and justify himself by saying “the world needs this information and then counter attacked with “It doesn't work anyway. It is true that the world needs this information and technology, but it needs it in the original pure form as given to me by the Ashtar Command. This is my mission and my life’s work and I am following direct guidance on when to release it and how to keep it protected from dark force distortion. His article is a badly botched cut and paste job of my tape, books and original website published in 1996. It is a null and void meditation, which does not do what the original tape did because the technology is in the special formula and codes I was given to create the tape as a healing vehicle for the technology…not just in the words that he copied. His plagiarism will not give the same affect as the original tapes did and still does for those who still have the original tape, not to mention the negative karma that is now attached to what he has done in trying to mislead people. I repeat, the plagiarized article/meditation will not remove your implants! If you have seen this plagiarized article/meditation on any website on the internet, please let me know so that I can take steps to have it removed for copyright violation. I apologize for any confusion this has caused.

Fortunately for me, and for you, as the original channel for the Ashtar Command Implant Removal Method and only authorized channel for this technology, I have allowed the tape to go out of print and the technology has been converted to a new technology and will continue to be protected and updated as needed until all Lightworkers are Implant Free. The healing is, as always, available as a direct transmission (healing session by phone) from Commander Alexandriah Stahr. It has been upgraded and will continue to be upgraded as only the true originator can do.”

Testimonial Poem About the Implant Removal Healing

Reprinted with permission

By Ta-Tri-Ana a.k.a. Alyce Snowraven

The following poem describes how I felt after my first Implant Removal and Karma Clearing Session with Commander Alexandriah Stahr at the Star-Esseenia Temple of Ascension Mastery. A dramatic and permanent healing took place within me, as a result of only one session.

On Angel Wings I Fly Through the Doorway of the 11:11

Suddenly, everything and everyone around me seems beautiful, positive and loving. I feel the positive energies of the universe inside me. I notice the beautiful houses, gardens and flowers on my street, as if for the first time, and I feel their love and peace. The flowers smile at me...they are suns, embracing me with their warmth.

Sounds vibrate all around me, beautiful lullabies, creating a gentle euphoria within me. I am one with the sounds, I am the music. The music of the universe flows through me in a rush of white light and magic rainbows. I am one with the sounds. The ocean sparkles with the sun's golden rays, and I feel the peace of this spring day. I feel a light breeze and the sun on my skin, as I breathe in the ocean's perfume. Seagulls, children's laughter, boats clanging in the harbor, all of nature's music sings within my soul, and I am the music of the winds. It used to be so hard to be at the harbor and feel. I'd stand amidst this splendor, struggling to feel and experience its joy. Heaven is within me now, so I am one with this place.

Brilliant color of every hue sparkle and touch me. I see their beauty and magic, as if for the first time. I feel the colors in my body. I become the colors. The colors and I are one. I feel loved, loving and lovable. Christ love-light energies vibrate gently through my body, creating peace. The body sings electric with love. My inner child feels protected, secured and loved by me, unconditionally. I am her loving friend who understands her and forgives her. She feels happy and free now. We feel such peace and joy together. I feel such deep unconditional love for my inner child and for the joy we feel together. I feel such deep unconditional love for all my friends. I see that they love me too.

I am one with myself and others. My body feels natural, lovable, free and peaceful, like a beautiful tree trunk or a sweet animal. I feel centered in my body. I feel my spiritual energy, the essence of my love, inside my skin, my hair and my cells. My body feels lighter. It is free of psychic cords and old negative memory feeling. My aura is now protected by the Christ Light at all times. My body no longer feels attacked by negative energies, vibrations, and it is healed. I have recovered my boundaries again. I am free. My body and I are one.

My feelings are mine and mine alone, now. I can feel again! I feel everything, every sensation, every emotion! I now see the beauty in positive emotions and am thankful for all emotions. My emotional body and I are one.

The Star that I AM...

I have closed the doorway to my old way of life, to my old perceptions of reality. Cosmic universal truth flows through my awareness in waves of white light rainbows. And, when I get scared sometimes and try to open the old doorway again, the universe says NO! This is not your path anymore! You are free to be the Stahr that you are! The Holy Temples are reactivating. The Stahr Gates are opening. We are all remembering and stepping into our full power again. The time of awakening is here now. Be a Christ!

I am a Christ. I always was a Christ. I always will be a Christ. I am remembering, and I know who I am. We are all Christs. We all can remember and be One. I thank the Creator for All That Is for guiding me to the Star-Esseenia Temple of Ascension Mastery where I broke my vows that held me in bondage to my past and allowed me to step up into a new higher octave of joy! — Ta-Tri-Ana

A Comment By Commander Alexandriah Stahr

Over the years, many people have described many shifts in their perceptions after doing my Implant Removal Session and as a result have experienced dramatic changes in their lives. This poem by Ta-Tri-Ana was a gift from her heart and summed up in one beautiful poem what I had heard many times before from many different sources. It resonated with the truth of what I know, that this is the single most important gateway through which everyone must pass on the Ascension pathway. I give thanks to the Ashtar Command and my own Higher Self for the power and inspiration which it contains”...Commander Alexandriah Stahr.  Call now to schedule your 1st appointment.

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