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Discernment Training With Sananda

Sananda Heart Initiation

What is the Sananda Heart Initiation?

The Sananda Heart initiation is a spiritual activation and initiation, sponsored by Lord Sananda, to re-open your Heart Temple and accept Sananda into your heart as personal guide, mentor and protector.

How Can This Help Me?

This spiritual activation clears away any blockages to receiving direct communication from Sananda. Sananda is then available for you to "channel" for personal guidance and discernment as you develop your awareness of your own Christ Consciousness.

How Do I Receive This Spiritual Activation?

Lord Sananda is the cosmic name for Jesus the Christ. He is ever present to those who seek him directly for guidance and protection. This spiritual initiation was channeled through Commander Alexandriah Stahr from Lord Sananda. Because of the urgency of the time, Sananda has requested that the instructions for this spiritual activation be provided in her book, Spiritual Discernment, Volume One: Sananda's Heart Initiation. Self-published March 1996. Through this book, you can receive your spiritual activation and initiation from Sananda directly or you can do this activation as a phone session with Alexandriah. To order either the session or the book, call Alexandriah directly. 

Is This Initiation Immediate?

The connection with Sananda is immediate, however, developing your relationship with Sananda does require time and effort on your part to develop your ability to listen and discern. To assist you in this process, order and use the Sananda Meditation Cards.

Sananda Meditation Cards

To further assist in developing your relationship with Lord Sananda, Sananda channeled through the meditation technique that he taught the early apostles. It was lost through time and was returned for our use by Rev. Alexandriah Stahr in the year 2000. In 2001 she created Meditation Card Set that teaches you this simple and powerful meditation technique. It is best to order the Meditation Cards with the Sananda's Heart Initiation Book so that you can begin this meditation practice as soon as you have completed the initiation. To order, call Alexandriah directly.

Disarm & Neutralize Attunement

The Disarm and Neutralize Attunement will enable you to do personal karma clearing for yourself and those people you need to release from your life. Reclaim your energies and your power as you participate in the real reason we are here, to clear out dark force souls and direct them to other planetary realities as part of the Planetary Karma Clearing Program.

Truth Ray

How would you like to see through what people tell you. When the energy is on, people will tell you things that they would not normally tell you thereby revealing their true motivations in their dealings with you. This is an energy that is channeled through your presence and directed by intent rather than a hands-on energy. It is both a practical technique for making life decisions as well as a great spiritual discernment tool.

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