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The organization: Updated 2009

The Star-Esseenia Temple of Ascension Mastery went through a name change to Star-Essence Temple of Living Light in 2009. The services provided continue to be based on the Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing and Ascension Technologies channeled through Rev. August-Alexandriah Stahr from the Ashtar - Solar Star Command dating back into the late 1980's with continuing updates as the needs change with a new focus on more broadly based communication of the Work through blogs, books and tele-classes in addition to the Activational Phone Sessions and Monthly Program.  Both websites and domain names, www.star-esseenia.org and www.star-essence.org will remain active and will reach Rev. Alexandriah Stahr.

The Organization: Updated 2008

Star-Esseenia Temple of Ascesnion Mastery, now known as Star-Essence Temple of Living Light is a church without walls and without traditional dogma, dedicated to the research, development and teaching the right use of spiritual healing and ascension technologies for those on their own Independent Spiritual Path.

Star-Esseenia Temple of Ascension Mastery, now known as Star-Essence Temple of Living Light is a full service 11:11...2012 and Beyond Ashtar - Solar Star Command Command Ascension Network sponsored by the Collective Christ: Lord Sananda, The Ashtar Command, The Galactic Command, The Intergalactic Command,(now collectively referred to as the Solar Star Comand), the Ascended Masters of Light and The Angels of Light and all Christed Souls within humanity. As Earth based Ashtar - Solar Star Command Central, our purpose and mission is to research and develop and make available the spiritual healing and ascension technologies and self healing techniques necessary to assist in the spiritual freedom and development of Earth based Lightworkers on the Ascension Path.

It’s Leader:

Commander Alexandriah Stahr is the Quadrant Commander for the Star-Esseenia Division and works closely with the four other divisions serving under Commander Ashtar. These divisions include: Ashtar's main mother ship with Lady Athena and Home to Lord Sananda, its members are unique in their varied talents; the Korton Division, its members are master healers through the arts and communication; the Soltek Division, its member are spiritual scientists who also work with the planetary grids; the Akeneriel Division, its members represent resources and Christed business practices.

Commander Alexandriah Stahr is a Healer, Channel and Spiritual Development Teacher with over 25 years of experience in channeling through and applying the innovative spiritual healing technologies and techniques given her by Lord Sananda and the Collective Christ which consists of the Ashtar Command, the Galactic Command, the Intergalactic Command,(now collectively referred to as the Solar Star Command), the Ascended Masters of Light and all Angels of Light and all Christed souls within humanity.

Those who resonate with Star-Esseenia Temple and its energies are most likely to be a member of one of these divisions and part of the collective soul group that has elected to stay upon the Earth as Ascended Masters after 2012. When the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality Shift is complete, Commander Ashtar will go onto other missions and will leave Commander Alexandriah Stahr and the Solar Star Command in its place with personnel from each of the other four divisions to continue with the rebuilding of the 13.13.13. Solar New Earth Reality. The call now goes forth to those Souls of Light who are the true Family of Light and have been waiting for the call to awaken and come forth to fill your leadership position

Commander Alexandriah Stahr is known, as Rev. Alexandriah Stahr on the physical level. She is a conscious channel and clairvoyant/telepathic healer who specializes in bringing through Ascension Clearing and Activational Techniques for the spiritual development of Christed Lightworkers. She is a gifted spiritual development teacher with over 25 years of experience. Her strength is in her ability to bring through from the Spiritual Realms the continuous flow of healing energies and healing technologies to assist people on the path to Christ Consciousness and to know how these technologies fit into the bigger picture of the Planetary Ascension. She assists her clients and students to make rapid, permanent and positive changes in their lives.

Alexandriah's early studies resulted in certifications in a wide range of spiritual and alternative modalities including naming a few: nutrition, bodywork, kinesiology, hypnosis, NLP, spiritual psychology and energy work. In 1984 she experienced a spontaneous mystical experience that has many names i.e. near death experience, walk-in experience, future self activation. During the following months, her true identity and life’s mission was revealed to her by her guides. But it was not until she was attuned to both the Reiki and Seichim Systems of Natural Healing that her true calling began to emerge.

She knew from the beginning that she had done this work before and would do it again. She did both private healing sessions and taught classes to develop her skill in healing as well as develop her intuitive abilities. She worked consciously with her guides as they utilized her previous training and added to it in direct telepathic communication. As she worked with the energy and with her clients, she began receiving new energy frequencies and knowledge of new healing techniques. She was told that she would bring in many healing energies to replace the Reiki and Seichim energies she started with. Reiki and Seichim were part of the old paradigm and would hold her back from moving into the higher frequencies necessary for Ascension. Along with these energies, came direct revelation and memories of being a daughter of Ashtar and Lady Athena and Quadrant Commander of the Star-Esseenia Division of the Ashtar Command. As such, she would be carefully trained and guided to awaken and lead her soul group.

In 1986, she was ordained and received a degree as a Healing Minister. Although she is an ordained minister, Alexandriah views herself as a Healer Priestess and prefers the title of High Priestess of the Temple. In January 1991, she founded the Living Light Center to give form to her ministry. Since the opening of the 11:11 Doorway on January 11, 1992, Alexandriah has focused on the ongoing clearing process of the Ascension and identifying the Planetary Issues within us all, which need clearing. Her pioneering work with Karma Clearing and Implant Removal began in 1989 and continues today as the 1st step in her Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing and Ascension Mastery Program.

In September 1994, the Living Light Center was re-named the Star-Esseenia Temple of Ascension Mastery to more fully reflect her Ascension Work. Over the years, working consciously with her guides, she has developed a variety of clearing and activational healing programs. These programs change and evolve as new levels of spiritual freedom are revealed to her and she leads her soul group through them. She is the visionary and driving force behind the Star-Esseenia Temple Ministry, now know as the Star-Essence Temple of Living Light, and has devoted her life to assisting those on the Independent Spiritual Path of Ascension to achieve spiritual freedom during this time of transition through the 2012 Portal to the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality.

It’s Members:

Star-Esseenia Temple, now known as Star-Essence Temple, is a Christ Conscious based healing ministry for people on the Independent Spiritual Path of Ascension. It is a church without walls and without traditional dogma.  It is instead a spiritual network of Christ Conscious individuals, with a personal relationship with Lord Sananda, the Christ Teacher for the Earth and their own Inner Divinity, dedicated to healing and developing themselves in the Name of the Christ and developing their healing abilities to help others in preparation for the Planetary Ascension, the Return of the Christ Vibration on the Earth.

Although some people may not recognize themselves as part of this soul family initially, the awakening process is quite empowering as those who are drawn to this work realize who they are and why they are here and develop themselves as spiritual leaders in their particular area of expertise. Star-Esseenia Temple, know known as Star-Essence Temple, members come from all walks of life and all religious backgrounds and beliefs. What they have in common is their inner recognition of themselves as Christed Lightworkers on the Ascension Path and Ashtar - Solar Star Command Members here on voluntary mission to the earth

The most powerful way to live your life is with this full conscious awareness and purpose as spiritually mature leaders during this time of the Planetary Ascension. The technology is designed to clear karmic patterns, free you from The MATRIX and activate and empower each individual with their own unique gifts that they came to Earth to share.

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