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About The Ashtar Command

The Ashtar Command are humans from other Worlds of God’s Creation, i.e.… Extra Terrestrial Beings of Light that exist on the higher dimensions of spiritual life. They are of the original Adam Kadmon Blueprint, i.e. perfected humans that vibrate to the Christ Vibration and are part of the Collective Christ: Lord Sananda, The Ashtar Command, Galactic Command, Intergalactic Command (now collectively referred to as the Solar Star Command) the Ascended Masters of Light, the Angels of Light and Councils of Light and Christed souls within humanity, serving Mother/Father Creator Source and the Divine Plan.

The Ashtar Command is the Peace Corp of God, Angels of Light known as the “Legions of Archangel Michael”, on the Angelic Level and embodied on earth, in human form, who serve God and rid Creation of evil wherever we find it. They are Archangel Michael’s Legions of Light, Cosmic Protectors, Ascension Angels or Angels of the Harvest assisting Lord Jesus Sananda, Earth’s Christ Teacher during this time of the Planetary Ascension in his Mission to reclaim Earth as a Planet of Light.

The term “Commander” is a designation of leadership within the Peace Corp of God. We “Command” the Light of God for cleansing and creative purposes. We are ambassadors of peace and enlightenment, the tactical division of The Collective Christ, with Lord “Jesus” Sananda as our spiritual leader and World Teacher, and Commander Ashtar as the administrator of Sananda’s Plan for the “Return of the Christ.” Composed of millions of Starships and personnel from many civilizations, on the higher dimensions, the Ashtar Command is here to assist Earth and humanity through the current cycle of planetary cleansing. As Beings of Light we “Command” the Light of God for good in the world. We work in cooperation with our embodied members, Christed Lightworkers, on the human level, who come from all different walks of life, religious beliefs and backgrounds.

Through Cosmic Telepathy, (intuitive guidance) we administer and direct the fulfillment of the Divine Plan, (evolving consciousness for making positive changes in the world). What we share in common and how to recognize us is our unswerving dedication to truth, justice and right action leading to universal peace. We are here, both those in the higher dimensions and those in embodiment, to invoke the Light to cleanse the world of “UnChristed Interference” and assist humanity in reaching their true spiritual potential which is, returning us to our original divine blueprint of the Adam Kadmon Human, living lives as Christ Conscious Beings of Light with out “dark force” interference and distortion. We encourage unity, harmony, and the peaceful co-existence of all.

(The following Creed is paraphrased from Tuella’s Book: Ashtar)





Our Creed Is:

Truthfulness is the path to Peacefulness

As such

I AM a guardian of the Light

I AM Love and Light in Action Here

Co-creating with


I am Dedicated to:

The Kingdom of God on Earth

Interplanetary Fellowship

And Universal Right Action Leading to Peace





About Ashtar Command Members

Ashtar Command members come in all walks of life. They recognize themselves as citizens of God’s many universes and know themselves to be infinite expressions of Creator Source. Spiritually based, whatever their religious beliefs, they live their lives based on the spiritual awareness of themselves as Spirit having a Human Experience.

“They will be known by their fruits…” They are of service to those around them and can be found in all levels of helping professions or, are just good people taking care of themselves and their families. They live their lives as conscious individuals, always striving to make the world a better place. Ashtar Command Members are here in voluntary service to God and humanity to bring about the return of Christ Vibration to the Earth.

How do we accomplish this?

1. Dedicate our lives daily to the Christ Vibration and fulfillment of the Divine Plan

2. Ask daily that we be used as an Instrument of God in fulfillment of the Divine Plan

3. Ask daily that we be shown what we need to know to fulfill our part in the Divine Plan

4. Ask daily that we be shown what to say and do to fulfill our part in the Divine Plan

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