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About Alexandriah Stahr's Healing Work

About Commander Alexandriah Stahr

Alexandriah is a healer of healers and teacher of teachers. Although the mystical experience that awakened her to her true identity and life purpose occurred in 1984, the development of her work has been guided and developed steadily over the years as she works in telepathic communication with her guides.  Alexandriah is the gatekeeper for the anchoring of Star-Esseenia Division Technologies for the Ashtar - Solar Star Command. She is a cosmic translator who identifies Planetary Issues and translates them into new healing and ascension modalities.  As Quadrant Commander of the Star-Esseenia Division, she has all of its knowledge and resources available to her in facilitating her work.  Her work consists of clearing and activating Christed Lightworkers on the Ascension Path.  She assists them in achieving spiritual freedom and Ascension Mastery in their lives.  She prepares and supports them as they integrate their spiritual awareness into a spiritual lifestyle as healers and teachers in the world, who then assist others on the Ascension Path.

Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing: 2011 Update

Commander Alexandriah Stahr is the gatekeeper for a variety of Ashtar - Solar Star Command Ascension Technologies. Although her early work focused on activating hands-on healing energies and training healers, her work continually changes and upgrades as Spirit directs.  Since the opening of the 11:11 doorway on January 11, 1992, Alexandriah focused on Karma Clearing and Implant/Imprint Removal and the ongoing clearing process for the Planetary Ascension into the Christed Reality of 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality. She pioneered the work of Implant/Imprint Removal and developed the most comprehensive method for removing them called the Ashtar - Solar Star Command Implant Removal Technique. Originally created in 1989, it is still the most comprehensive karma clearing work of its kind. It continues to be upgraded as Spirit reveals the need and now consists of a series of clearing sessions that are done by phone. 

In 1993 she published a small booklet that was included in two audiotapes that she produced in an attempt to make the First Level of Implant Removal more accessible. These taped versions of her Implant Removal Method, Clear: Implants and Spiritual Limitation Devices and Remove: UFO Implants are now out of print, not only because the work has evolved to a higher level, but because of a dark force attempt to distort the work. In 1996 she published the informational fruits of her healing research in her book,” Implants and Imprints: A Healer’s View of Ascension Clearing. Today this book is still available from Alexandriah and is still the most extensive coverage of the subject. Call Alexandriah to order this book.  

The Implant Removal Series, includes multiple individual sessions. This series is available in an all inclusive 2 week telephone clearing and training program with Alexandriah, called the 2 Week Fast Track, Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing Series by Phone. In these sessions, she transmits the power of spiritual fire to burn away the dross of your lower self, replacing it with fully realized Christ Consciousness. These transmissions are used as an accelerated method to clear and activate your way to Ascension. It changes belief systems, allows you to let go of false judgments, emotional baggage, and all forms of third dimensional limitations. In addition to clearing karmic blocks, it reveals the truth of your full spiritual power. With each session, you continue to clear and activate all levels of your consciousness to reveal the multi-dimensional master you are beneath the illusions of separation.  Each time some previously unrecognized negative energy or fear is released, you will experience an increase in spiritual power, which instantly manifests as an improvement in some condition in your life. As you free up energy in one area, it is free to create in another. This will fill your life with new levels of happiness, abundance, and the spiritual power to create your part in the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality.

Freedom from The Matrix - 2011 Update

In 1999, the movie called The MATRIX was released. It told the story of how we as humans were part of a mass mind control system called The MATRIX.  Although most people thought this was just a science fiction movie, many Lightworkers could feel that there was some truth to it, but didn't know what to do about it.  When Alexandriah saw the movie, she was downloaded with the information that this movie was in fact, literal, and that her work with the Solar Star Command (formerly the Ashtar Command) would expand to include the dysmantling of this MATRIX System on a Planetary and Universal basis. in addition, she would work with individual Lightworkers that were brave enough to do this personal work with her, even though they could not really speak of it or explain it to others. Alexandriah was also told not to write about this work or even update her website with this new information until late in 2008 when the majority of the Planetary MATRIX Systems had been successfully dysmantled. It is now safe to talk about it and Alexandriah will be releasing much more information about this work and what it means to all of us in the coming months. 

During the last 10 years, Alexandriah continued to call her work Karma Clearing, even though what she was really doing is MATRIX Clearing, Karma Clearing on steroids. With the release of the movie, The MATRIX, Alexandriah was shown that our bodies are actually bio-computers with programs and computer systems that control our experience of life. The dark forces, that created The MATRIX to control this planet, made up the lie of The MATRIX to keep people ignorant of what really controls the re-occurring issues of our lives. Karma, as we understand it, doesnt really exist. It is actually the Master Lie of the MATRIX that we have to "earn or learn" our way out of here by balancing our karma. We were programmed with that lie to keep us compliant slaves, so that we wouldnt question the "learning expereinces" that we have had to endure instead of looking for the way out of the MATRIX prison. These learning experiences were really designed by the dark forces to feed themselves with the negative energy of our suffering.  So all during this time Alexandriah, at the direction of the Solar Star Command, has been working on the task of dismantling The MATRIX on a Planetary and Universal Level, and creating a comprehensive healing process to free people individually as well. It is time to make this work public and dispel the many lies within our belief systems that keep people trapped and unable to change for the better.  This is the true purpose of the shift in 2012, to end the MATRIX Control by Lucifer and his Dark Force Legions. The time has come for the Duality Experience to end and the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality to begin.  

The dysmantling of the Planetary MATRIX has all been happening behind the scenes and is in fact what has accelerated all people's experience of new levels of awareness.  Although the Planetary Work is mostly done, people's personal work has really just begun. The completion of this Planetary Work is what has enabled all types of clearing work to be more effective although the original Freedom From the MATRIX Program is only available through the ongoing Monthly Star Team Program with Rev. Alexandriah Stahr and her Angelic Healing Teams. 

Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing is an easy and powerful way to disconnect from, and clearout the old programming from the old MATRIX Reality, just like in the movie, and connect into the New Time Line and Reality beyond 2012, called the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality.

Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing, uses both Sacred Geometry and DNA Activation Codes and is a healing and spiritual development technology that speaks directly to and re-educates the Bio-Computer Systems of the Human Energy System. As such, Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing is the most powerful and effective Christ Conscious Healing and Spiritual Development Technology available on the planet today.

How do you know you are ready?  Are you low on energy, money, motivation? Are you tired and wanna “Go Home”? What you are experiencing is the “End” of the 11:11 timeline which ends December 31, 2011 and the end to the old program of earth’s history, which precedes The Planetary Ascension on January 1, 2012. The next level of experience is a return of planet earth to the Christ Vibration and is called the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality Timeline. 

You don't need to wait till December 31, 2011 to make the shift beyond 2012. You don't need to experience the end time prophecies either.  No matter their source, they are just a state of consciousness that can be changed as esily as removing the MATRIX program that contains that belief system. You don’t need to stand by and watch your old reality fall apart. You can be reborn and re-energize your life with the new energy of the new cycle beyond 2012 called the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality Timeline.  Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing by Phone with Alexandriah Stahr clears Karmic Cause behind all life issues and allows you to create new realities and therefore improve all life experiences such as relationships, health and finances. Release past hurt, trauma and abuse. Transform limited thinking patterns. Gain inner awareness and learn “New Ways of Being.”

Solar Star Team - Monthly Karma Clearing Program

In 1995, the Command shifted her focus again to developing a way for her clients to do their own Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing work with her as a guide rather than healer/facilitator. The program works with etheric surgeons and angelic healing teams from the Ashtar - Solar Star Command who do the work necessary for the clearing of Karmic Issues and Matrix Programming.  After several years of working in this manner, the current monthly program was created to give ongoing Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing and DNA Activation Sessions at an affordable price.

Alexandriah is the channel for this all inclusive and comprehensive Monthly Program with the Solar Star Teams which gives you 24 hour energetic support, guidance, protection, clearing and activation energies according to who you are and what you need to clear your Karmic Limitations and remove MATRIX Layers and fulfill your part in the Divine Plan. This is Alexandriah’s most current work, which allows her to continually update her sessions and her information and pass it on to her clients automatically so that those in the Monthly Program are always on the cutting edge of her Ascension Technology. After you have completed the 2 Week Fast Track, Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing Series, you are eligible to join the Solar Star Team Monthly Program. For more information about Alexandriah's services, call her for a FREE 15 minute phone consultation.

Rev. Alexandriah Stahr is a Clairvoyant, Telepathic Healer, Conscious Channel, Personal Mentor, Spiritual Life Coach & Spiritual Development Teacher. She works with Christed Lightworkers on the Ascension Path which consists of: Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing, Christed Activation & Empowerment. The Purpose of this work is complete Freedom From the MATRIX and affects all areas of your life including all types of abuse issues, physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual. This includes but is not limited to:

Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing

  • Remove MATRIX Programs
  • Clear Implants/Imprints
  • Clear Karmic Relationships
  • Clear Re-ocurring Karmic Issues
  • Clear Generational Issues
  • Clear Past Life issues
  • Soul Clearing
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Cutting Etheric Cords
  • Removing Attached Entities
  • Removing Dark Force Possession
  • Clear Over Sensitivity Issues
  • Resolve Spiritual Crisis Issues
  • Help UFO Abductees
  • Walk-In Assistance

Healing Abuse Issues

  • Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome resulting from all forms of abuse and trauma
  • Physical Abuse Issues - recovering from physically abusive relationships
  • Emotional Abuse Issues - recovering from emotionally abusive relationships 
  • Mental Abuse Issues - recovering from mentally abusive relationships
  • Spiritual Abuse Issues - recovering from working with dark force "spiritual healers"  
  • Alien Abductee Issues - recovering from Grey Abductions and Abuse Issues
  • Sexual Abuse and Incest Issues - recovering from being an sexual abuse/incest survivor
  • Relationship Abuse - recovering from any type of abusive relationship, work, personal, legal etc.
  • Spiritual Divorce Issues - learning to cut cords and energetic connections in past relationships


  • Healer/Channel Training
  • Ministerial Training
  • Earth Worker Training 
  • Protection Techniques
  • Spiritual Discernment
  • Clairvoyant Development
  • Clairaudient Development
  • Clairsentient Development

Healing With Lord Sananda

  • Sananda Heart Initiation
  • Sananda Meditation Technique
  • Sananda Power of Love Ray
  • Sananda Soul Retrieval
  • Sananda Shamanic Empowerment
  • Sananda Power Animal Retrieval 

Healer Coaching Sessions

Alexandriah has a broad base of knowledge with regard to various healing modalities. That coupled with her intuitive guidance can help those who are seeking healer training from a variety of sources. Alexandriah can offer practical advice in setting up a healing practice as well as guidance, mentoring, discernment in regard to choosing healer training from other organizations as well as how her programs can be integrated within your broader educational goals. August can also provide life experience credits toward degree programs and will be introducing a new organization for that purpose. Call for more information about her healer coaching program.

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