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About Commander Alexandriah Stahr

About the Term “Commander”

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the term “Commander”, many fearing it is a military designation. The term “Commander” is a designation of leadership, authority and respect within the Ashtar Command. As the Peace Corp of God, we are spiritual warriors. We wage the battle to restore the Light of God to this planet and free humanity from spiritual bondage. Although we strive for peace, we stand up and fight for what is right and we “Command” the Light of God for cleansing and creative purposes. Commander Ashtar, as the head of the Ashtar Command, refers to his leaders as Eagle Commanders and to his division commanders as Quadrant Commanders. They could just as easily be translated into corporate titles of CEO (Lord Sananda), President (Ashtar) and the four quadrant Commanders, each vice president’s of their divisions:


  1. Alexandriah, Vice President of Healing and Ascension Technologies
  2. Korton, Vice President of Arts and Communications
  3. Soltec, Vice President of Science and Technology
  4. Akeneriel, Vice President of Business and Commerce


On the Higher Spiritual Dimensions:

Commander Alexandriah Stahr is a Healer, Channel and Spiritual Development Teacher with over 20 years of experience in channeling through and applying the innovative spiritual healing and ascension technologies and techniques given her by Lord Sananda and the Collective Christ which consists of the Ashtar Command, the Galactic Command, the Intergalactic Command, the Ascended Masters of Light and all Angels of Light.

The Star-Esseenia Division of the Ashtar Command is the Research and Development Division of Healing and Ascension Technologies for the entire Ashtar Command. Commander Alexandriah Stahr is a daughter of Ashtar and Lady Athena and Quadrant Commander, of the Star-Esseenia Division of the Ashtar Command. As the head of the Division, she is responsible for all phases of research and development of Ashtar Command Healing and Ascension Technologies and developing training programs for Light Workers on the Ascension Path.

Although the mystical experience that awakened her to her true identity occurred in 1984, the development of her work has been guided and developed steadily over the years as she works in telepathic communication with her guides. Alexandriah is the gatekeeper for Star-Esseenia Division Technologies from the Ashtar Command. She is a cosmic translator who identifies Planetary Issues and translates them into new healing and ascension modalities. As Quadrant Commander of the Star-Esseenia Division, she has all of its knowledge and resources available to her in facilitating her work. Her work consists of awakening and activating those Lightworkers that are part of the Family of Light. She assists in awakening them to who they are and prepares them for their mission as healers and teachers who then facilitate others on the Ascension Path.

On the Physical Level:

Consciously knowing who you are on the inner levels will influence and directly affect who you are and what you do on the physical level. We carry the reality of Christ Consciousness within us and to the degree that we are able to live our inner life on the physical level is a direct manifestation of “as above, so below” and the fulfillment of our purpose and mission in life.

Alexandriah lives her life as if the inner levels were already fully manifest on the physical level. She lives her life in conscious communication with Lord Sananda and the Ashtar Command, in faith, that the reality of the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality is at hand. Being in the world but not of it is not an easy task and but is our collective mission and purpose to hold this vision till the closing of the 11:11 Doorway and the Christ Vibration is fully returned to the earth on a physical level.

On the physical level, Commander Alexandriah Stahr is known as Rev. Alexandriah Stahr. She is a conscious channel, clairvoyant, telepathic healer and spiritual development teacher with over 20 years of experience. She is gifted with the ability to bring through from the Spiritual Realms the continuous flow of healing energies and healing technologies to assist people on the path to Christ Consciousness in making rapid, permanent and positive changes in their lives. Alexandriah’s spiritual gifts were initially activated in 1984 during a spontaneous mystical experience that has many names i.e. near death experience, walk-in experience, future self activation. During the following months her true identity and life’s mission was revealed to her by her guides. From that time, working consciously with her guides, she has developed a variety of healing programs. These programs change and evolve as new levels of spiritual freedom are revealed to her and she leads her soul group through them.

Although she is an ordained minister, the founder/president and pastor of the Star-Esseenia Temple, she views herself as a healer/priestess and prefers the title, High Priestess of the Star-Esseenia Temple. As such, she is the visionary and driving force behind the Star-Esseenia Temple Ministry and has devoted her life to assisting those on the Independent Spiritual Path of Ascension to achieve spiritual freedom during this time of the 11:11 Planetary Ascension.

Star-Esseenia Temple is a Christ Conscious based healing ministry for people on the Independent Spiritual Path of Ascension. It is a church without walls and without dogma and is instead a spiritual network of Christ Conscious individuals dedicated to healing and developing themselves in the Name of the Christ and developing their healing abilities to help others in preparation for the Planetary Ascension, the Return of the Christ Vibration on the Earth.

Rev. Alexandriah Stahr is a gifted telepathic healer and conscious channel for new and innovative healing technologies designed to assist people in clearing their karmic programming in preparation for merging with their innate Christ Consciousness. The path of Ascension is an individual path, clearing and healing your way back to your original identity as a Son/Daughter of God. The Path of Ascension has always been a solitary path of inner spiritual development also known as the Path to “Enlightenment” We are currently living in the times of the return of the Christ as a collective re-awakening of all Souls of Light currently living on the earth and the redirection of souls of darkness off the earth so that the earth can graduate back to a Christ Vibration planet.

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